Daily Activities

Daily activity need to have a task that supports each level of achievement (tiered planning)

Explores / Mini Lessons

Rich open ended task that is outcome driven and differentiated to meet student’s readiness and background knowledge  and support highlighted indicators and I Can Statements. You can select these explores (investigates, problem prompts) from Math Makes Sense (Pearson) or other resources such as Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics by John Van de Walle. Whole class or strategy group 10 - 15 minutes.

Math on My Own

Independent practice questions that support the work done during the explores and focus on the ideas in the indicators. Consider using a Venn Diagram and giving students a choice of which questions they complete.

Math with Someone

Work with a partner showing what you know and sharing strategies and solutions.  Math with someone helps you develop more time to practice strategies, check for understanding, hear your own voice and share in the learning community. Activities may include:  completing a MMS Practice question with a partner; Reading the text book together and checking for understanding; Sharing strategies and using math language.

Math Sense

A repertoire of activities designed to reinforce basic number sense and curricular outcomes should be introduced and rotated throughout the year -John Van de Walle activities, Box Cars and One Eyed Jacks and Math Makes Sense games and activities; Online manipulatives and websites.

Math Talk

Reflect questions;  Math vocabulary / word walls; Math journals; Real world problems; Reading text books; Non-fiction reading strategies; iGo; Kahn Academy; YouTube.


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